Frequently Asked Questions

How long do you keep impressions on file?

We keep impressions approximately 90 days.

Why am I being charge for a remake?

All remakes are no charge if still in the warranty period unless you change any part of the original order.

What is your warranty?

Custom earmolds carry a 90-day limited warranty for fit: due to feedback, improper fit or manufacturer error, with no changes made to original order. Any changes made to the original order (ie chance of material, style, venting, bores, tubing or color) will be charged a remake fee. Custom earmolds carry a on- year warranty on the original material and workmanship. Shipping charges apply to all charge or no charge remakes.

Where can I find an order form?

Click here to print one of our order forms.

How soon can I expect my order returned?

In most cases, the order is shipped the following day of receipt.

Can I get same day service?

Yes, you can, but there is an additional fee for same day service.

How do you ship orders?

We always ship back to you using the same service you used to ship to us, unless you request a different method.

Do you sell supplies?

We carry a full range of supplies.

Can I send an earmold back to you to re-tube or modify instead of ordering a remake?

Yes, and we recommend that you do. For this service, we only charge a bench charge instead of the remake charge.

If I am unsure what to order, can I call and ask for assistance?

Please do call us at (800) 798-2198 and ask to speak to a lab tech. They are more than happy to assist you with any questions concerning the best materials and styles to use for your patient.